Terms of service


All users should read the terms in full, however we have included a quick summary to get you started. Although many people do not really bother reading any terms of service in their entirety for any service or product, you should be aware you are legally bound under English law by the terms to which you agree.

We want to provide a summary for the majority who don’t read beyond the next few paragraphs.

  • Service uptime is extremely important, but nobody can ever offer 100% uptime. No matter how much redundancy is in place, electronics can fail
  • Your account is your responsibility and any related activity is always down to you.
  • We promise to act nicely, fairly and responsibly and so do you. Don’t do bad things and you’ll be fine.
  • Please please contact us in advance if you have any doubts. Please be honest if you’ve screwed up as this makes things easier to sort out.


Agreement of terms of service

When using Hosting Reborn in any way you agree to be bound by these terms of service and understand that you use the service at your own risk

You agree to accept the terms of service as first found and as subsequently updated.

We will endeavour to provide reasonable notice of any changes to these terms of service but only in cases where the terms significantly change. We won’t provide notice of any minor changes, such as clarifications or typing corrections.

This essentially means that we can change the terms of service if we feel it is necessary but we won’t change things behind the scenes as a means of trying to catch you out.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Your use of Hosting Reborn signifies your agreement with these terms of service, forming a contract between yourself and Hosting Reborn.

The construction, performance and validity of the contract will be governed by English law and the English courts have jurisdiction to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with it.


You must accept the fact that Hosting Reborn is not responsible for any adverse effects observed in anything as a result of your use. This includes, but is not limited to, understanding that:

  • Hosting Reborn cannot possibly break any physical device through which the service is accessed. For example, if your computer breaks whilst accessing the service this is nothing but an unfortunate coincidence.
  • Hosting Reborn is not responsible for any losses as a result of the service being unavailable. Honestly, it is not our fault if you have a poor business plan, backup strategy or disaster recovery plan.

Availability (SLAs and so on)

We promise to take all reasonable steps to ensure the service is as available as possible and to provide reasonable notice of any planned outages.

We (intentionally) offer no guarantees or service level agreements and believe such offers to be based around statistically meaningless measurements.

Expected outages can be planned for and recovery depends on how quickly a person can rush in there and fix that broken thing. We do this and can only do so as quickly as is reasonably possible.

We’re not going to promise to get all outages fixed in 30 minutes, an hour or a day. We can, and do, cover expected outages. We’re left with unexpected one-off outages and you can’t predict how long it will take to fix until it happens.

So we’re not going to throw numbers at you to make you feel confident in the service. We already offer to accept any reasonable refund requests. We’re just going to do three simple things:

  • get things back to a reasonable working state should a fault occur
  • identify the cause of the fault and implement measures to prevent it occurring again
  • publish faults, fixes and what we did to prevent it happening again


  • 90-day Full Refund Guarantee

    If you choose to cancel within the first 90 days of opening your Hosting Reborn account we will refund all the money you have paid us. If you’re not happy with what we provide we don’t deserve to keep your money.

    We are not obliged to honour this guarantee if you break this contract.

  • Refunds on Cancellation

    Any credit outstanding in your account that you paid to us will be returned to you through the same means you used to complete payment.

  • Refunds following a Breach of Contract

    In using the service you agree to act fairly, honestly and responsibly. Failure to do so is a breach of contract.

    For example, if you create a hosting account with the sole intention of sending spam, do so for a short period and then request a refund we will not return any of your money.

  • Any Other Refunds

    We will consider any reasonable refund request. If you have been using the service for more than 90 days you are not automatically entitled to a refund. This does not mean we won’t grant a refund.

    If you really feel that the service you have received is not worth the money you have paid we will consider refunding some or all monies paid when you choose to leave.

Intended use (what Hosting Reborn is and isn’t here for)

Hosting Reborn is a general purpose website hosting service taking advantage of the fact that traditional services charge a fixed fee for fixed usage at levels you are unlikely to reach such that you are being charged for things you can, or will, never use.

Hosting Reborn is here to let you host your websites fairly and under your control. You’re free to use as much or as little storage space and bandwidth as you need and you will be fairly charged for only that which you actually use.

In this sense, Hosting Reborn is here to provide a more fair and more controllable alternative to traditional fixed-rate fixed-level website hosting services as we simply charge for what you use.

Hosting Reborn allows customers to host the traditional things such as blogs, ecommerce, forums, business front-ends, CMS, personal profiles, fan clubs and so forth as you would find in 99% of hosting companies along with other non-generic things such as personal storage, legal pornography, adult material, web cam feeds, gambling resources and other types of sites.

We do not allow the hosting of anything relating to terrorism, hacking, phishing, illegal pornograpghy (as defined in the UK, European or US law), child pornography, mass unsolicited mailing or manufacture of illegal firearms be it simple information, pictures, links or forums. If you are unsure, please contact us first with what you would like to use the service for and we can discuss the options with you.

Complaints resulting from use of the service not falling within this intended use of the service may not be considered valid.

To be fair, we’re going to be fairly flexible in our definition of ‘intended use’, however if it’s clear you’re overstepping the boundaries and are complaining about the resulting quality, or cost, of service we’re going to have to turn you down. Much in the same way that it would be silly to complain about the acceleration and top speed of a four-seater family car, or the poor fuel efficiency of a high performance sports car.

Extended resource usage

You are not permitted to make extended use of server resources beyond the storage and transfer of data.

Persistent processes are not allowed. Running, or trying to run, persistent processes is considered a breach of this contract. Any unauthorised persistent processes will be stopped without warning. Repeated breaches on the contract in this way may result in your account being suspended or cancelled without warning.

Long running processes are not allowed. Any process related to the operation of a web site or web application, such as a cron job or scripted web resource, taking longer than 5 minutes to complete may be stopped without warning.

Your responsibilities and promises

You promise to use the service in a fair, honest and responsible manner. Not doing so constitutes a breach of these terms of service.

If you breach these terms of service we reserve the right to deny refund requests or suspend or cancel your account and/or any of your hosting accounts with no notice.

Fair, honest and responsible use

You promise that you won’t use the service unfairly, dishonestly or irresponsibly.

We’ll decide what constitutes ‘unfair’ and you agree to accept our decision should we need to investigate any possible unfair use. You conscience will tell you when you’re acting unfairly. Use this as a guide in general. You agree to contact us about any use about which the level of fairness is not indisputably clear.

You conscience should again be a good general guide for assessing dishonest use. This also covers matters considered illegal. You must not engage in any activities intended to gain unauthorised access to anything. You must not engage in activities illegal under UK law.

We’ll also decide what constitutes ‘irresponsible’ and you agree to accept our decision should we need to investigate any irresponsible use.

Example of irresponsible behaviour

For example, you may run a web service that periodically polls another web service to obtain data. The frequency with which your service polls the other service and the number of incoming and outgoing network connections required for this to operate may place undue strain on the server from which your service operates such that it adversely affects the level of quality for other users of the same server. If we were to notice this and determine that you could achieve a suitably similar effect with significantly fewer polling requests such that the level of quality were not adversely affected and you did not take reasonable action once informed we would consider your use of resource to be irresponsible (you’d be making a mess of things because you didn’t know what you’re doing).


Secure operation (executable scripts)

You are solely responsible for ensuring the secure operation of anything running under any hosting account created through your account.

You must ensure that executable scripts cannot provide external third parties with access to internal resources. In other words, it should be impossible for any external party to provide data through any of your hosting accounts that may then provide a means for gaining unauthorised access to anything. This is your responsibility.

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel any insecure features with no notice. This may include modifying or deleting an insecure script or suspending an entire hosting account.

Use of your account

You are responsible for any use of your account whether or not you personally carried out the actions.

Access to your account is restricted by a secure password. We implement various methods for rendering automated password guessing infeasible to the point of being impossible within any conceivable period.

We will consequently not accept a defence of “but my password was guessed” on the simple basis that this will not have been the case.

Password security

You should not reveal your account password(s) to anyone else. The system allows sub-accounts to be created should you require other people to have access to your account, varying levels from basic billing to full administration. More information can be found in the knowledgbase.

Passwords should be a minimum of 8 characters, containing a mixture of letters and numbers and at least one special character such as # @ ! * and should never be a dictionary word, not even with a letter swapped for a number like the classic “pa33word” !

Last Updated: 2016-09-12

Revision: v1.01 and supersedes all previous versions.