Username guidelines

What usernames are this about?

Each of your hosting accounts has an identifying user name. It is used to log in to the cPanel control panel, as well as for other actions such as transferring files via FTP.

User name rules

To be considered a valid, a user name must:

  • be at least 3 characters long and no longer than 8
  • contain only the characters a-z, 0-9 and the hyphen (-)
  • not start with a number
  • not start with 'test'
  • not start with a hyphen (-)

Sample valid user names

  • bingo01
  • my-service
  • example

Sample invalid user names

  • on (less than 3 characters long)
  • my_web (contains an underscore)
  • my-service (longer than 8 characters)
  • 99hats (starts with a number)
  • test66 (starts with 'test')
  • -hoopla (starts with a hypen)
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