Storage is 0.5p per MB per month. Bandwidth is 50p per GB. No other costs or hidden pricing.

How much will it cost me?


How does pay as you go charging work?

It’s much like a pre-pay mobile phone.

You add credit to your account and each day we debit a little of your credit based on the average data storage over the day and the amount of data transferred over the day.

Typical usage levels and costs

Description Storage Monthly Bandwidth Monthly Cost
Simple holding page for a domain
Static content, 2-3 pages of information
1 MB 0.1 GB £0.06
Small personal or business site
Static content, about 20 pages, not heavily visited
5 MB 0.25 GB £0.15
Mid-sized business information site
Static content, about 50 pages
10 MB 0.5 GB £0.30
Independent eCommerce site
Dynamic content, about 100 pages, 1000 orders per month
200 MB 2 GB £2.00
Professional blog
Dynamic and static content, about 1000 pages, 5000 visitors per month viewing 100 pages each
100 MB 5 GB £3.00